Success factors model for green computing implementations

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International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development


© 2019 Intellect Ltd Article. Green computing is quickly rising to the top of the agenda of many organizations. Surveys of the green computing implementations practices in United Arab Emirates (UAE) reveal the awareness level with respect to green computing practices to be 41.23 per cent. This article presents a model that provides IT decision-makers with a set of recommended actions on the implementation of green computing practices. The model is validated empirically through interviews of IT staff from eleven organizations in UAE. The intervention suggests that to reduce the carbon footprint and to become energy efficient, organizations would need to apply policies on printing, procurement and recycling. Implementation of policies is driven by budget allocations for the better utilization of existing IT equipment and for investment in innovative technologies. In addition, this study recommends that organizations encourage a green computing attitude through increased awareness, certifications, penalties or reward systems. The findings of the study are expected to be of great interest to both researchers and IT practitioners.

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