Backtracking assessment of IT and engineering courses

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World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education


© 2019 WIETE. Measuring student learning outcomes in IT and engineering courses is required to improve course quality. Course outcomes are measured based on the results of student engagement in various course activities, assessments and questionnaires. In this article, the authors present a case study on measuring the outcomes of a programming course, based on student achievements in 13 IT courses, for which the programming course is a prerequisite, i.e. it provides fundamentalrequired skills. First, the learning outcomes of each course were mapped to the learning outcomes of the programmingcourse. Second, the student achievements of the learning outcomes of each course based on student gradesin course assessments were calculated. Finally, the calculations obtained from each course were used to calculate thestudent achievements of the learning outcomes of the programming course, based on the mapping from the first step. The results provided insights regarding student achievement of the programming course outcomes. This research wasconducted on data collected from IT courses, but the results are applicable to other disciplines.

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