Exploring the integration of CDIO, crowdsourcing and gamification into information security courses

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World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education


© 2019 WIETE. With the integration of technology into our lives and the availability of on-line sources, traditional teachingmethods have been under scrutiny. Specifically, information security courses pose a challenge, because learningtheory is not sufficient. These courses require students to develop hands-on skills and the use of tools that mightcause serious damage if improperly used. The work reported here was to design and deliver a security course followingCDIO (conceive, design, implement and operate) methodology. The course culminates in a capture the flag competitionin a gamified crowdsourced way. The courses ran for three semesters and a survey was administered to gaugestudent satisfaction, perceived enjoyment and attitude (Likert scale questionnaire). The overwhelming majority of respondents, 71.4%, had positive feelings towards the courses; felt they made it easier to learn; found the laboratory experimentsenjoyable and would consider enrolling in a similar course in the future. More interestingly, the majority reportedthe courses helped develop their collaboration (75.4%), communication and interpersonal skills (72.2%).

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