Students’ acceptance of CDIO as a crowdsourcing and gamification methodology in IT classrooms: A multiple regression model

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Global Journal of Engineering Education


© WIETE 2019 Crowdsourcing, gamification, and the conceive - design - implement - operate (CDIO) framework provide innovative techniques for educating the next generation of engineers. The CDIO method was implemented for an ethical hacking course where students face challenges such as inadequacy of theoretical coverage, and the ramification of the improper use of hacking tools. The study outcomes are suggestions for, and testing of, work designs, as well as the delivery of security courses with CDIO methodology. The courses ran for three semesters and 141 students were surveyed. The data were analysed through structural equation modelling-partial least squares (SEM-PLS) multiple regression analysis. Examined were perceptions and experiences of the CDIO method, and how student attitudes to CDIO could be affected by factors that include enjoyment, interpersonal and technical skills. The relationship between these constructs and how they are influenced was also examined. The conclusions present theoretical and practical implications for researchers and teachers. Specified are research limitations and future work.

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