Developing a faster pattern matching algorithms for intrusion detection system

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International Journal of Computing


© Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems, 2019. Fast pattern matching algorithms mostly used by IDS, which are considered one of the important systems used to monitor and analyze host and network traffic. Their main function is to detect various types of malicious and malware files by examining incoming and outgoing data through the network. As the network speed growing, the malicious behavior and malware files are increasing; the pattern matching algorithms must be faster. In this research paper we are presenting a new method of pattern matching, which could be a platform for enhancement in the future. In this field, researchers spared no efforts to introduce fast algorithms for pattern matching. The Most popular algorithms are Boyer-Moore, Aho-Corasick, Naïve String search, Rabin Karp String Search and Knuth-Morris-Pratt. Based on studying these techniques we are developing algorithms that process the text data, using different algorithm technique and then we'll test the performance and compare the processing time with the fastest proven pattern matching algorithms available. Document the result and draw the overall conclusion.

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Ibrahim Obeidat, Hashemite University
Mazen AlZubi, Zayed University

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