Novel robust digital watermarking in mid-rank co-efficient based on DWT and RT transform

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing


© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019. Recent advancement in multimedia is facilitating humanity in data manipulation, transportation, and transmission. All at once, this improvement in multimedia data has exposed sensitive data to various threats, like threats of piracy and copyright materials. The most important application of digital image watermarking scheme are ownership protection of copyrighted materials and authorization of multimedia data. Digital watermark is an imperceptible mark embedded in digital images for various objectives including image captioning, authentication, authorization, copyright protection and proof of ownership of multimedia contents. Watermarking is a procedure of embedding secret information such as logo, number, text and image in multimedia data. The proposed watermarking scheme is based on Discrete Wavelet (DWT) and Ranklets Transform (RT) domain in which the mid-rank coefficients in low frequency sub-band (LL3) of DWT are selected for random number watermark embedding. Experimental results shows that no visible distortion among the cover and watermarked image, representing high level of imperceptibility. The scheme has been tested against various set of malicious attacks, proving that the proposed scheme computationally surpasses other state of the arts schemes.

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