A recursive co-occurrence text mining of the quran to build corpora for islamic banking business processes

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing


© 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. As the holy Quran text is time and place based and has “blockchain” like-structure where stories are spread like pieces of puzzles and linked to each other among 6,236 verses from 114 chapters, we present a new recursive co-occurrence text mining algorithm to mine the Holly Quran to build corpora which can be further processed to develop Islamic banking business processes complying which Islamic Sharia’ law. First, we create a list containing all the business process action terms and their synonyms in Arabic. Then for each term, we run the recursive co-occurrence algorithm to parse the holy Quran and extract all verses that contain the business process action term and all the verses where the action term co-occurs with any other term in the list. The retrieved verses along their chapter number and their verse number are saved and then compiled into business process corpora using. The resulting business processes could further be processed to generate Islamic Business processes that comply with Islamic Sharia Law.

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