The covcrav project: Architecture and design of a cooperative v2v crash avoidance system

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Procedia Computer Science


© 2019 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. Systems capable of warning motorists against hazardous driving conditions are extremely useful for next-generation cooperative situational awareness and collision avoidance systems. In this paper, we present some preliminary results related to the COVCRAV project which aims to develop an on-board Road Hazard Signaling (RHS) system based on a crowd-apprising model. Unlike other approaches that rely on the automatic detection of dangerous situations via onboard sensors or warning messages received from roadside units, our approach enables drivers to interact directly with a touchscreen Driver Vehicle Interface (DVI) to notify nearby vehicles about the presence of a hazardous driving situation based on many high-value safety use-cases. We describe our RHS application and highlight the key functions provided by the originating and the receiving ITS applications. We also provide some details regarding the design aspects and system architecture of the proposed system.

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