Methodologies for designing healthcare analytics solutions: A literature analysis

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Health Informatics Journal


© The Author(s) 2019. Healthcare analytics has been a rapidly emerging research domain in recent years. In general, healthcare solution design studies focus on developing analytic solutions that enhance product, process and practice values for clinical and non-clinical decision support. The objective of this study is to explore the scope of healthcare analytics research and in particular its utilisation of design and development methodologies. Using six prominent electronic databases, qualifying articles between 2010 and mid-2018 were sourced and categorised. A total of 52 articles on healthcare analytics solutions were selected for relevant content on public healthcare. The research team scrutinised the articles, using established content analysis protocols. Analysis identified that various methodologies have been used for developing analytics solutions, such as prototyping, traditional software engineering, agile approaches and others, but despite its clear advantages, few show the use of design science. Key topic areas are also identified throughout the content analysis suggesting topical research priorities in the field.

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