Assessing teamwork in a computing programme

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World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education


© 2019 WIETE. The computing professional skills assessment (CPSA) is a scenario-based on-line discussion in which small groups of students are assessed after they discuss and attempt to solve a computing-related problem. The CPSA assesses the six professional skills learning outcomes prescribed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). One of the key professional skills is teamwork. Reporting on research conducted within a computing programme located at a UAE university, this article describes how the CPSA is able to successfully assess teamwork through its specific rubric criteria, and to demonstrate the language of effective teamwork as it emerges through an analysis of the discussion transcripts. Examples of language from the transcripts that serve to question, clarify, summarise, agree, disagree, synthesise, thank and conclude, are shared and discussed. The analysis of the transcripts indicated that while polite and courteous teamwork is a strength of this student population, they often struggle to challenge one another, seek clarification or come to a decisive conclusion.

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