Non-Orthogonal Radio Resource Management for RF Energy Harvested 5G Networks

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IEEE Access


© 2013 IEEE. Fifth generation (5G) networks are expected to support a large number of devices, provide spectral efficiency and energy efficiency. Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) has been recently investigated to accommodate a large number of devices as well as spectral efficiency. On the other hand, energy efficiency in 5G networks can be addressed using energy harvesting. In this paper, we investigate NOMA in 5G networks with RF energy harvesting to maximize the number of admitted users as well as system throughput. We model a mathematical framework to optimize user grouping, power allocation, and time allocation for information transfer and energy harvesting while satisfying the minimum data rate and transmit power requirements of users. The proposed framework for optimization is a mixed integer non-linear programming problem. The mesh adaptive direct search (MADS) algorithm is adopted to find solution of the proposed framework. The MADS algorithm provides an epsilon optimal solution. The exhaustive search algorithm is used as a bench mark. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed framework is supported by simulation results.

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