An enhanced mobility and temperature aware routing protocol through multi-criteria decision making method in wireless body area networks

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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)


© 2018 by the authors. In wireless body area networks, temperature-aware routing plays an important role in preventing damage of surrounding body tissues caused by the temperature rise of the nodes. However, existing temperature-aware routing protocols tend to choose the next hop according to the temperature metric without considering transmission delay and data loss caused by human posture. To address this problem, multiple research efforts exploit different metrics such as temperature, hop count and link quality. Because their approaches are fundamentally based on simple computation through weighted factor for each metric, it is rarely feasible to obtain reasonable weight value through experiments. To solve this problem, we propose an enhanced mobility and temperature-aware routing protocol based on the multi-criteria decision making method. The proposed protocol adopts the analytical hierarchy process and simple additive weighting method to assign suitable weight factors and choose the next hop while considering multiple routing criteria. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate that the proposed protocol can efficiently improve transmission delay and data loss better than existing protocols by preventing the temperature rise on the node.

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