Computation of a well-conditioned dynamic stiffness matrix for elastic layers overlying a half-space

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series


© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. In the context of range-independent solid media, we propose a well-conditioned dynamic stiffness matrix for an elastic layer sitting over an elastic half-space. This formulation overcomes the well-known problem of numerical ill-conditioning when solving the system of equations for deep-layered strata. The methodology involves the exact solutions of transformed ordinary differential equations in the wavenumber domain, a projection method based on the transformed equations with respect to the depth coordinate. By re-arranging the transformed equations the solutions remain numerically well-conditioned for all layer depths. The inverse transforms are achieved with a numerical quadrature method and the results presented include actual displacement fields in the near-field of the load.

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Andrew T. Peplow, Zayed University