Energy Management for Internet of Things-enabled Smart Cities in the UAE (Working Paper)


The drastic increase in urbanization over the past few years in UAE requires sustainable, efficient, and smart solutions for transportation, governance, environment, quality of life, etc. Smart city solutions must have the ability to efficiently utilize energy and handle associated challenges. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered as a step forward towards the green environmental and economical transportation. In order to increase the penetration of EVs in the future transportation system, the smart charging management for EVs becomes necessary to fulfill the charging needs efficiently. Internet of Things (IoT) is an enabling technology through which efficient charging management for EVs can be done in order to manage EVs, efficiently utilize consumer resources, and save money. In this work, we will present a brief overview of charging management for EVs and associated challenges in smart cities. We will further investigate placement of charging stations and scheduling optimization for EVs charging in smart cities. We will present experimental and simulation results to exhibit the tremendous impact of the proposed schemes/ algorithms on the performance of IoT-enabled smart charging management for EVs.

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Zayed University

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Asad Masood Khattak

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