Menopause is a natural biological process referring to the end of women's reproductive state due to ovarian failure and occurs at the ages between 45 and 55 years with an average onset of 51 years. Menopausal women usually experience common symptoms that include sleep disorder, mood alteration, hot flashes, depression, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, increased health risks for osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases that can be treated effectively by the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). A community – based study of a random sample of 408 Emirati women aged 30 – 64 years attending primary health care centers in the Emirate of Dubai will be conducted. The study will investigate the knowledge and attitudes of the Emirati women in Dubai Emirate towards menopause and HRT. The participants will be interviewed using a structured questionnaire in Arabic, which includes socio-demographic variables, Menopause Knowledge Scale (MKS) and Attitude Towards Menopause (ATM) scale. Relevant descriptive statistics and associations will be obtained. The study findings will provide information about Emirati women's knowledge and attitudes towards menopause and HRT that enables health care policy makers to create and formulate a health care policy that enhances the menopausal women's quality of life.

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Zayed University

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Qasim Al-Shboul1
Linda Smail1
Ghufran Jassim2