Shares of expatriates of total population in the UAE have been consistently on the rise. It is widely believed that the very high number of expatriates is the main cause of the imbalance in the population structure in the country. In addition, increasing numbers of expatriates from certain regions may imply possible risks related to security, social and economic conditions in the country. This research aims at looking at the possibilities of implementing a system in which duration of stay of expatriate workers in the UAE labor market is limited to a maximum number of years. In particular, the research intends to provide an overview of duration of stay of expatriates in the UAE in relation to nationalities, occupations, sectors, skills and educational levels and to supply a number of scenarios which can be implemented in the UAE and the pros and cons of each scenario in terms economic and demographic factors.

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Zayed University

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Mouawiya Al Awad
Steffen Hertog
Samer Kherfi
Mariam Alaryani