This study examines the perceived impact of events to happiness based on event organizers opinion. Specifically, the aim is to understand if event organizers consider promoting happiness and wellbeing as a value of their event, as well as what they consider as a successful event. A qualitative approach was used and finally seven events' organizers from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates were interviewed. With 6-open ended questions the following attributes of an event were analysed: major marketing tools used to promote an event, values that the event tries to promote with an emphasis on happiness and perception of benefits. Results indicate that happiness as a value of events is not something that comes to the organizers by a recall of values, but after reminding 'happiness' they all agreed that this is what they do promote with their event, as well. Thus, actions need to be considered to implement happiness as a 'first-on-mind' value of events organized in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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Zayed University

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Natasa Slak Valek
Anestis Fotiadis

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