Information quality of enterprise systems in healthcare: An empirical study

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Ahed Abugabah, Zayed University

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Proceedings of the 27th International Business Information Management Association Conference - Innovation Management and Education Excellence Vision 2020: From Regional Development Sustainability to Global Economic Growth, IBIMA 2016

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Copyright © 2016 International Business Information Management Association Organizations depend heavily on information systems and their outputs to achieve organizational goals and facilitate main business processes. Quality of system's outputs "information quality" is considered an important ingredient of information system's outputs as it determines the degree to which information is used in organizations. Quality of the system itself is also a critical factor that determines the level of information quality and system features that consequently affect the system utilization and benefits gained by the system users. This study focuses on user perspectives and how users perceive the characteristics of information quality. The study aims at providing a more incorporative framework and measurements to information quality of information systems. It also aims at measuring the perceived impact of information quality on user evaluation and performance. Consisting with previous studies, the study provides some useful conclusions that can be used by managers to structure their information system strategies to best benefit their organizations. The study gained evidence supporting strong relationships between information quality and user evaluation of the information systems. The results indicated that information quality and systems quality are significant determinants of utilization and usefulness, obtained when using information systems.




International Business Information Management Association, IBIMA

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Computer Sciences


Information quality, Information systems, System quality, User evaluation

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