Al-Aqsa Mosque and The Third Palestinian Intifada

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Bashir Abul Qaraya, Zayed University

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GATR Global Journal of Business Social Sciences Review

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Objective - This paper highlights the threats that Al-Aqsa Mosque is exposed from the Zionist entity. It seeks to recognize the gradual Judaizing attempts that are being implemented on the factual level. In more comprehensive frameworks, the paper also addresses the Judaizing of Jerusalem science occupying the sacred city in 1967. There is no doubt that these Zionist practices have led to igniting a third Intifada. This paper examines the evolution of active power's map and their interactions, which includes: The Israeli occupation authority, Jewish religious groups, the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian militant factions, Fatah and Hamas, The Palestinian people, the Arab regimes, and the Arab peoples. The paper is interested in analysing the Palestinian political differences and the evolution of political situations in the Arab region. The paper also addresses the impact of the Arab situations on the Israeli political behaviour and the extent to which the region is passing through an appropriate opportunity toward more Zionist violations and accelerating the Judaizing of the Holy City, which include the Islamic sanctities and the Palestinian suburbs of Jerusalem, the native people of the city. The paper also covers the developments and the new phenomena in particular, and at the forefront the rise of Palestinian Intifada's phenomenon which called: the third Intifada. Methodology/Technique - The study reviews previous literature. Findings - The paper concludes at the end of the analysis to provide a vision for the future of contemplative Al-Aqsa mosque, runs from two visions; one is pessimistic and the other is optimistic. Every approach has its private determinants, on the safe level in particular, which related to the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic reality. Novelty - Accordingly, this paper will analyse four topics: Judaizing of Jerusalem, threats of Judaizing Al-Aqsa Mosque, the rise of the Intifada's phenomenon, and the future of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Type of Paper: Review Keywords: Mosque; Aqsa Mosque; Jerusalem; Arab Israeli Conflict; Judaize; Intifada; Theoretical Models; Islamic Political Thought; Political Theory; Political Science. JEL Classification: F51, F53.


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