Is this real? Cocreation of value through authentic experiential augmented reality: the mediating effect of perceived ethics and customer engagement

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Saifeddin Alimamy, Zayed University
Waqar Nadeem, Brock University

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Information Technology & People

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Purpose Rapid advancements in augmented reality (AR) technology have created new opportunities for service providers and customers to cocreate value. Using AR as a platform for generating authentic experiences, the purpose of this study is to explore the impact of authentic experiences on customers' intention to cocreate value while considering the mediating influence of perceived ethics and customer engagement on this relationship. Design/methodology/approach An online survey was used to collect data. Participants were asked to download and try the IKEA PLACE AR application. The responses were used as inputs into a structural equation model. Findings The findings reveal that AR generates perceptions of authentic experiences but no direct relationship between authentic experiences and intention to cocreate value was found. On the other hand, the authentic experiences generated through AR increases customer perceptions of ethics and customer engagement, both of which lead to an increased intention to cocreate value. Originality/value The findings from this study highlight the importance of authentic experiences within the cocreation process. The results provide a unique understanding of the relationship between authentic experiences generated through AR technology on the intention to cocreate with the service provider, which is fully mediated by perceived ethics and customer engagement. The findings of this study extend the understanding of the cocreation process and the role of technology within this process.




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Augmented reality, Authentic experiences, Value cocreation, Ethics, Customer engagement

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