Chapter 3 Management of Wastes: An International Prospective

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Abdel-Mohsen Onsy Mohamed
Evan K. Paleologos

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Book Chapter

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Fundamentals of Geoenvironmental Engineering

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Hazardous waste needs to be carefully managed and disposed of as the material classified under this category can ignite, or explode, or react violently with water, air, and other substances, or corrode the drums that the waste is transported or temporarily stored in. Some of this material may also be carcinogenic, or toxic to humans or the environment, infectious, or even present the risk of creating mutations. Because of the danger that hazardous wastes pose, environmental management and regulations, in all phases of their life, are very detailed and stringent in most countries. The United States was the first to enact a comprehensive framework of regulations on hazardous waste with the landmark acts of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liabilities Act (CERCLA). These important pieces of environmental legislations are discussed in detail in order to demonstrate both the complexity of protecting the environment and human populations, and the challenges, but also the trends in waste minimization and disposal. The design criteria and the elements of the disposal facilities for these types of wastes are also discussed here. In addition, the main elements of related pieces of legislation in Canada and in Europe are described and comparisons are provided between the regulatory acts in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This will help the reader realize that environmental legislation in advanced countries shares similar elements, frequently borrowing important insights from another country's regulations, as well as the future trends. Finally, the chapter concludes with a brief exposition of the management and disposal of the most dangerous type of waste that of radioactive waste.



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