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Academic libraries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, together with partners from Greece and Germany, are implementing the LibOCS project "University libraries strengthening the academia-society connection through citizen science in the Baltics" which aims to: identify the drivers and barriers for researchers, members of the public and librarians to engage in citizen science projects; define the role of academic libraries as facilitators between researchers and members of the public in promoting citizen science activities in the Baltic region; Identify relevant competences of librarians implementing citizen science projects; develop openly accessible training modules for librarians to help them acquire competences for engagement in citizen science. Academic libraries are revising their role in supporting citizen science. The competences librarians need to implement and promote citizen science are discussed and training to develop the competences is introduced. The changes academic libraries need to make to implement citizen science in libraries are presented.

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IATUL 2023: 43rd International Association of University Libraries Annual Conference. Dubai & Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (March 13-16, 2023)


Library and Information Science


Citizen science, Academic libraries, Librarian competence, Supporting citizen science, Facilitating citizen science

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