Submissions from 2020


The Evolving Landscape of Research Methods in Library and Information Science, Judith Mavodza

Submissions from 2019


International Student Perceptions of Libraries: Experiences from the Middle East and North Africa, Kristine Stewart and Kenneth C. Haggerty

Submissions from 2017


Contributor Biographical Sketches, Christopher J. Anderson, Angela H. Balius, Amy Barlow, Jayne Blodgett, Cassie Brand, Hilary Bussell, Mary Ann Cullen, Emy Nelson Decker, Scott Fralin, Carolyn White Gamtso, Christy Groves, Jessica Hagman, Lauren Hays, Corinne Laverty, Corinne Laverty, Melissa Mannon, Brian Mathews, Judith Mavodza, Pete McDonnell, Lauren Pressley, Keith Russell, Elizabeth A. Sanders, Stephen A. Sanders, Corey Seeman, Ashley Shealy, Amy R. Stalker, Jennifer A. Townes, Karen Viars, Sandy Whipple, and Sally Ziph


Integrating Experiential Learning Into Information Literacy Curriculum, J. Mavodza

Submissions from 2016


Relationship between Knowledge Management and Academic Integrity in a Middle Eastern UniversityNo Title, Judith Mavodza

Submissions from 2014


Analysing the future of Zimbabwe's academic libraries: From their historical past to preparedness for current realities and requirements, Judith Mavodza

Submissions from 2013


Implementing the learning commons in a Middle Eastern University Library: The case of Zayed University, Judith Mavodza, Mary Sengati-Zimba, and Leslie Haas