The strong and robust growth of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the past decade has significantly raised the standards of living in the country, and has created remarkable economic and social transformations. However, there is some concern that strong output growth has yet to translate into an equivalent growth of jobs for UAE citizens, particularly outside the public sector and among young nationals. A careful estimate shows that the number of unemployed Emiratis by the end of 2011 is 34750, of which 72 percent are women, and 65 percent are youth. Among the youth, the percentage of unemployed females is 70 percent. In 2010 the Emirati unemployment rate was estimated at 14 percent; 8 percent among males and 28 percent among females. In 2011, the unemployment rate is estimated at 12.8%; the highest unemployment rate is in Al Fujairah (19.5%) followed by Abu Dhabi (15.1%) and the lowest rate estimated in Dubai at 7%.

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Zayed University

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Mouawiya Al Awad
Samer Kherfi
George Naufal