Correlating health and wellness analytics for personalized decision making

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2015 17th International Conference on E-Health Networking, Application and Services, HealthCom 2015

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© 2015 IEEE. Personalized healthcare envisions providing customized treatment and management plans to individuals at their doorstep. Key factors to ensure personalized healthcare is to involve with the individual in their daily life activities and process the gathered information to provide recommendations. We identified the mostly exposed domains for gathering chronic disease patients information that includes: clinical, social media, and daily life activities. Clinical data is related to the health-care of the patients while social media, sensory, and wearables data is related to the wellness data of the patients. A framework is required to monitor the health and wellness information of the patients for health and wellness analytics provisioning to the physicians for better decision making. We propose Personalized, Ubiquitous Life-care Decision Support System (PULSE); a state of the art decision support system that helps physicians and patients in life-style management of chronic disease patients such as Diabetes. The proposed approach not only utilizes clinical information but also personalized information by correlation to find hidden information using big data health analytic for improvement of life-care. PULSE provides health analytics by utilizing and processing clinical information of the patient. In the same way, it provides wellness analytics to the patients by using their social, activities, emotions and daily life information. The co-relation between clinical and personalized analytics is performed for better recommendations to the patients. This eventually results in improved life-care and healthy living of the individuals.




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Artificial intelligence, Big data, Decision support systems, Diseases, Health care, Social networking (online), Clinical information, Daily life activities, Health and wellness, Hidden information, Management plans, Personalized healthcare, Personalized information, State of the art, Decision making

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