iiWAS - Towards Context-Based Tracking of Web Services Security.

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Sattanathan Subramanian
Nanjangud C. Narendra
Zakaria Maamar

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With the increasing popularity of Web services and increasing complexity of users' needs, there has been a renewed interest in Web services composition. However, composition faces a major obstacle, which is the content heterogeneity of the contexts featuring the component Web services of a composite service. An unawareness or poor consideration of this heterogeneity during Web services composition and execution definitely results in a lack of the quality and relevancy of information that is deemed appropriate for tracking the composition, monitoring the execution, and handling exceptions. An earlier paper had provided a 3-level approach for content reconciliation of Web services' contexts using ontologies. This paper extends the 3-level approach by focusing on the security breaches that threaten the integrity of the context of Web services, and proposes appropriate means to achieve this integrity.

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