Integrating certifications into information systems curricula

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The objective of this paper is to propose a curriculum that provides graduates with an IS degree as well as the opportunity to acquire IT certificates upon graduation. In this paper, we examine institutions which integrate certificates in their IS curriculum. Moreover, we examine the IS 2002 report and ABET requirements to identity IS tracks that can lead to a particular certification. Popular IT certificates are identified and for each certificate a series of IS courses are developed to include the objectives of that particular certificate. For example, we will show how to integrate the Sun Certification for Java Programmer into programming courses, the Cisco CCNA or Network+ certificate into networking course, the A+ certificate into the IT Hardware and Software course and an operating system course, and the MOUS certificate into the personal productivity with IS technology course. Other certifications such as ORACLE can also be included into the IS elective courses. The goal is for the curriculum to provide an avenue for students to take the certification exam after completing the course series leading to that certificate. This research will help faculty design their courses to integrate certain certificates. It will also help students choose their courses in order to acquire certificates.

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Computer Sciences | Education


Accreditation, Chemical analysis, Curricula, Data acquisition, Information technology, Java programming language, Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC), General education (GE), Information Systems (IS) programs, Sun Certification for Java Programmers, Engineering education

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