Maritime Heritage in the Sultanate of Oman

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Eric Staples

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Book Chapter

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Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Management on the Historic and Arabian Trade Routes

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With over 1700 km of coastline, the inhabitants of Oman have had a deep and enduring relationship with the sea for millennia. Located between the Arabian Gulf and the western Indian Ocean, its fishermen have relied on the sea for sustenance. Its mariners were involved in developing long-distance maritime trade from at least the Bronze Age and continued sailing the monsoonal trade routes well into the twentieth century. Periodically, its rulers have established maritime polities extending to Zanzibar and the Makran coast, creating sea-based migrations in the process. With such a rich and enduring seafaring past, it is therefore not surprising that the modern nation-state of Oman has had an active interest in studying and preserving its MUCH.This chapter explores the historical sources, archaeological finds and experimental activities that have allowed researchers to understand Oman’s maritime past and contribute to its current efforts to conserve and showcase its rich maritime connections.


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