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Miroslaw Majewski

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Ifyou are like me, then you are definitely eager to know what is inside this book and how it can be useful to you. Let me take this opportunity to tell you in just a few words, for whom I wrote this and what my objective was. book, 1.1 For whom this book waswritten Originally I wrote this book for mathematics teachers who want to explore new ways of teaching mathematics with a computer. However, when the first edition of this book came out into the daylight, I found that my readers were not only teachers, but also many students of various courses looking for new ways of solving mathematical problems. I was not surprised when I found that a number of mathematics courses in a few European universities had been built based on this book. In fact, I have made heavy use of large parts of my book for the Computing Foundations course at my own university. Teachers and university instructors can use this book as a starting point to any course where the computer can make a difference and then build the rest of the course around it.


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