Readiness, Safety, and Privacy on Adopting Autonomous Vehicle Technology: UAE Case Study

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ITT 2019 - Information Technology Trends: Emerging Technologies Blockchain and IoT

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© 2019 IEEE. Different perspectives discuss autonomous vehicle (AV) as predicted future transportation that includes design, engineering, economics, computer science, social, economic, legislation, and ethical aspects. On the other hand, AV technology offers new problems such as new engineering aspects, social and ethical problems, and presents in the form of an idealized decision-making problem. There are many benefits to AV vehicles, which are at the forefront of technology development. However, the level of cybersecurity provided by this technology is poorly understood. Cyber-attacks against AV can have severe implications for safety, privacy, manufacturers' reputation, and overall perception. In this research, we examine public opinion regarding the implications and challenges that might face AV technology in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We claim that the successful adoption of AV in future transport systems will be achieved by reasonable risk management approaches that deal with different potential threats of cybersecurity. This survey produced usable responses from 204 participants. The significant result was that the respondents had not previously heard of vehicle-related technology; however, most had a positive first opinion on technology. Around 85% of participants felt that the expected benefits were likely to occur. They expressed a high level of concern regarding security and performance issues. Respondents stated that safety is the most crucial aspect of driverless vehicles. Mostly, it stated that personal communication devices should integrate with the AV's internet connection. The primary outcomes are that the population feels positive about AV and have optimistic expectations regarding its benefits. While maintaining some concerns, most of the people are willing to drive the AV.




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autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, driverless, ethics, privacy, self-driving, social-aspects

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