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© 2013 IEEE. Organizations share an evolving interest in adopting a cloud computing approach for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Integrating IoT devices and cloud computing technology is considered as an effective approach to storing and managing the enormous amount of data generated by various devices. However, big data security of these organizations presents a challenge in the IoT-cloud architecture. To overcome security issues, we propose a cloud-enabled IoT environment supported by multifactor authentication and lightweight cryptography encryption schemes to protect big data system. The proposed hybrid cloud environment is aimed at protecting organizations' data in a highly secure manner. The hybrid cloud environment is a combination of private and public cloud. Our IoT devices are divided into sensitive and nonsensitive devices. Sensitive devices generate sensitive data, such as healthcare data; whereas nonsensitive devices generate nonsensitive data, such as home appliance data. IoT devices send their data to the cloud via a gateway device. Herein, sensitive data are split into two parts: one part of the data is encrypted using RC6, and the other part is encrypted using the Fiestel encryption scheme. Nonsensitive data are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption scheme. Sensitive and nonsensitive data are respectively stored in private and public cloud to ensure high security. The use of multifactor authentication to access the data stored in the cloud is also proposed. During login, data users send their registered credentials to the Trusted Authority (TA). The TA provides three levels of authentication to access the stored data: first-level authentication - read file, second-level authentication - download file, and third-level authentication - download file from the hybrid cloud. We implement the proposed cloud-IoT architecture in the NS3 network simulator. We evaluated the performance of the proposed architecture using metrics such as computational time, security strength, encryption time, and decryption time.




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Computer Sciences


Big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, lightweight cryptography, multilevel authentication

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