The Development of Political Science in the Arab World: A Narrative

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Hamdy A. Hassan

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This paper presents a narrative for the development of political science in the Arab world since its inception during the first quarter of the last century. The narrative is confined to the experience of some Arab countries such as: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. I was fortunate to have had opportunities to teach political science in many Egyptian and Arab Universities. At these institutions where I taught, conducted research and participated in the decision making process. In the process of tracing the historical development of the discipline we focus on the state of Art at different times with accent on the ideological and political contexts which have informed teaching and conducting research in the Arab world. We also discuss the factors and variables that have affected the orientations and the substance of political science in the Arab region. Finally, the paper seeks to assess the current situation of political science before presenting a brief vision of the future for what will be the discipline in the Arab region, especially after the storming events in the post September 11th world.




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