4P based forensics investigation framework for smart connected toys

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© 2020 ACM. Smart Connected Toys (SCTs) have the potential to collect terabytes of sensitive personal, contextual, and usage information which may be a subject of cybercrime or used as a conduit for cybercrime resulting in a digital forensic investigation which requires the examination of the digital artifact stored, processed or transmitted by the SCT. SCT forensics is challenging in most cases due to non-availability of specialized forensics tools and standardized evidence acquisition interface port. We explore the various privacy and security challenges plaguing the SCT industry and the possible safety risk SCT poses to children as a result of a lack of serious consideration technical controls surrounding the collection, processing, and storage of children's information and possible exposure to crime which will require digital forensic investigation. As a result of this gap in research and industry, we investigate current digital forensic solutions for SCTs and present an abstract forensics investigation framework with the focus on using non-conventional means which allow Investigators to successfully "Plan," "Preserve" "Process" and "Present" (4P) as a systematic means to conduct digital forensic analysis on an SCT in a situation where SCT is complicit in a criminal investigation or a subject of crime.




Association for Computing Machinery


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Digital forensics, Privacy, Security, Smart connected toys

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