Corporate Social Responsibility in Egypt

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CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance

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The purpose of the research at hand is to map the most prominent social initiatives currently implemented in Egypt. Since the responsibility of addressing social problems lies on all social agents, the social initiatives included in the current research do not belong to a certain sector, but rather to both private and public sector, as well as to different types of entities ranging from private companies to foundations, and NGOs, among others. The scanning of social initiatives is done across 15 different social areas, which are as follows; Education and Skills Development, Healthcare, Training for Employment, Entrepreneurial Support, Economic and Social Reintegration, Philanthropic Acts, AwarenessAwarenessAwareness raising Raising, Poverty alleviation and Community Development, Environmental Preservation, Sustainable BusinessBusiness Practices, Sports-Arts and Culture, Capacity building, Partnership Facilitation, Bottom of the Pyramid InclusionBottom of the Pyramid Inclusion and Gender Equality. The examination of each social area is done in light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Egypt’s 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), set forth by the United Nations, and the Egyptian government, respectively.


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