Determinants of Early Retirement in the UAE

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Review of Middle East Economics and Finance

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the retirement behavior of UAE nationals by understanding the socio-economic characteristics of early retirees and identifying the main determinants of early retirement. Accordingly, a survey study is created and deployed for current employees and retirees affiliated with Abu Dhabi Retirement and Pension Benefit Fund (ADRPBF). The survey was designed to reach 100 retirees and 200 currently active workers from those registered at the ADRPBF. The survey was conducted by employing the online survey method and face-to-face interviews. The total number of respondents is around 244, with a total response rate of 81.33%. Some factors related to the psychosocial work environment play a significant role in the early retirement decision of Emiratis. These factors are stress level, autonomy level and authority level at work. In addition to these, the level of work environment comfortability and life-work balance seem to also affect the early retirement decision. In general, the results indicate that higher the stress level, lower the level of autonomy and authority; higher the early retirement decision within the Emirati workforce. Last but not least, the likelihood of early retirement increases significantly if employees face a work-related health problem. Initiatives at the government and company level to adjust the working conditions for the capacity of elderly people shall be considered. Healthy living campaigns and sport programs might be launched to reduce work-related health problems and consequently early retirement. Our work is the first comprehensive study exploring the early retirement decision of the UAE nationals. One limitation of our study is the limited number of participants in the survey. Future work that will include a higher number of participants and supplementary questions to cover more job features (physical workload, other psychosocial factors) might be helpful.




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Early retirement, Psychosocial determinants, UAE workforce, Work environment

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