Raising Children’s Cultural Awareness: A Task-Based Approach

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Nadine Jaafarawi, Zayed University

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Proceedings of the Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching (ALLT 2018) Conference

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Learning through tasks has always been known for its effectiveness in providing learners with the ability to apply and practically benefit from knowledge in their future academic endeavors. The more challenging task for teachers is to integrate the task-based approach into education, keeping in mind the diversity in student types. In most cases, preschools include mixed age groups which encourages every child to accept involvement in a group. This study focuses on exploring the effect of a task-based approach in raising children’s cultural awareness. It aims at proving that a task-based approach may offer children the opportunity to experiment and use a foreign language more naturally, thus raising and reciprocating their cultural awareness of the target language. The research method is qualitative, and the analysis is descriptive. The sample is composed of 275 learners in KG3 classrooms in an Islamic educational institution. The results yielded positive outcomes concerning raising the children’s cultural awareness.




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