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Technology is continuously evolving at an exponential rate. Fast technological advances are being made, especially in the field of smart phones, that facilitate the conduct of our daily activities in many areas such as driving. The ever-increasing number of vehicles on roads increases the likelihood of traffic accidents, resulting in higher number of deaths and serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Among the main causes of road accidents are over speeding, unsafe lane jumping, and failure to keep a safe distance between vehicles, to name a few. In an attempt to contribute to the improvement of road traffic safety, we have developed an Augmented Reality-based Smart Vehicle Driver Assistance application. The application is designed to enhance vehicle driver's safety, in particular, but is also considered to lead to incremental improvement of safety of road traffic. The application can run on both Android and iOS platforms and incorporates several beneficial features required by a vehicle driver such as monitoring of vehicle speed, warning the driver in case of lane deviation, detection of road signs, and to alert the driver if the vehicle is not being driven at a safe distance from the vehicle in front. In addition to providing information to improve safe driving, the application also helps the vehicle driver save parking location of the vehicle in order to efficiently identify the parking location when retrieving the vehicle. This feature is very useful at large and unfamiliar parking areas, such as at airports or one-off large public gatherings, especially in inclement weather. The application also includes other useful functions such as the payment of parking fees, storage of information regarding vehicle maintenance, and keeping the vehicle legal document up to date. The application uses the stored information to display reminders of the appropriate action that needs to be taken before it becomes overdue.


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Augmented reality, Road safety, Safe driving, Smart application

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