The Impact of Child Abuse, Posttraumatic Cognitions, Machiavellianism and Emotional Suppression on Interpersonal Sensitivity and Psychiatric Comorbidity: A Latent Profile Analysis

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Zilan Ye
Man Cheung Chung, Zayed University

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Journal of Aggression Maltreatment & Trauma

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Much of the detrimental effects child abuse can have on victims’ cognitions, personality traits and emotional regulation strategies have been documented; however, it is unclear whether these effects might coexist with posttraumatic cognitions, Machiavellianism, and emotional suppression to impact interpersonal sensitivity and psychiatric comorbidity. The present study aimed to address this knowledge gap. A sample of 553 Chinese university students from three universities completed the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire-short form, Posttraumatic Cognitions Inventory, Machiavellianism Personality scale, Courtauld Emotional Control Scale, Interpersonal Sensitivity Measure, and General Health Questionnaire-28. Using Latent Profile Analysis, a three-profile solution was achieved. Profile one (high maltreatment group) students reported high levels of abusive experiences, posttraumatic cognitions and Machiavellianism, but a moderate level of emotional suppression; Profile two (moderate maltreatment group) students had moderate levels of abusive experiences, posttraumatic cognitions, Machiavellianism and emotional suppression. Profile three (low maltreatment group) students had low levels of all of the preceding psychological constructs. Profile one reported significantly higher interpersonal sensitivity and psychiatric comorbidity. Students with child abuse experiences, who viewed themselves and others negatively, displayed some dark personality traits, exercised some control over their emotions, tended to be excessively sensitive to others’ behaviors and feelings and prone to psychological distress.



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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Child abuse, Posttraumatic cognitions, Machiavellianism, Emotional suppression

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