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Neural Computing and Applications

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A smart plug can transform the typical electrical appliance into a smart multi-functional device, which can communicate over the Internet. It has the ability to report the energy consumption pattern of the attached appliance which offer the further analysis. Inside the home, smart plugs can be utilized to recognize daily life activities and behavior. These are the key elements to provide human-centered applications including healthcare services, power consumption footprints, and household appliance identification. In this research, we propose a novel framework ApplianceNet that is based on energy consumption patterns of home appliances attached to smart plugs. Our framework can process the collected univariate time-series data intelligently and classifies them using a multi-layer, feed-forward neural network. The performance of this approach is evaluated on publicly available real homes collected dataset. The experimental results have shown the ApplianceNet as an effective and practical solution for recognizing daily life activities and behavior. We measure the performance in terms of precision, recall, and F1-score, and the obtained score is 87%, 88%, 88%, respectively, which is 11% higher than the existing method in terms of F1-score. Furthermore, our scheme is simple and easy to adopt in the existing home infrastructure.



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Daily activities, Healthcare applications, Home appliances, Intelligent data processing, Time-series analysis

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