The impact of brand familiarity, perceived trust and attitude on investors’ decision-making in Islamic stock market

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Journal of Islamic Marketing

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Purpose: This paper aims to investigate the influence of investors’ attitudes on their decision-making. Two subjective perception factors, brand familiarity and perceived trust, were proposed to influence investors’ attitudes and decision-making. This paper also suggests the potential mediating effect of attitude on decisions on Islamic stock investment. Design/methodology/approach: Data were collected using a primary data collection method. Questionnaires were used and distributed to a sample size of 250 Malaysian investors in the Klang Valley aged between 25 and 50 years old. Data were analysed using SPSS and Structural Equation Modelling–Partial Least Squares. Findings: Seven hypotheses were proposed, and six were supported. The findings show that brand familiarity and perceived trust have a significant relationship with attitude. Brand familiarity and attitude have a significant relationship with investment decision behaviour. The relationship between perceived trust and attitude also reveals significant findings. However, perceived trust was found to have an insignificant relationship with investment decision behaviour. Mediation analysis shows that attitude mediates the relationship between brand familiarity and investment decision behaviour. Attitudes are also found to mediate the relationship between perceived trust and investment decision behaviour. Practical implications: It is recommended that publicly listed companies emphasize and devote extra efforts to enhancing investors' familiarity with and favour their brand. In addition, to build an investor’s trust, a company must be consistent in dividend payments. Such action may improve the probability of the company’s stock being chosen for investment. Originality/value: Subjective perceptions of investors' decision-making in Islamic stock investment have yet to be thoroughly explored in the literature, especially in the Malaysian context. In this paper, the indirect relationship between brand familiarity and perceived trust in attitude is tested. This paper contributes to consumer behaviour and marketing of Islamic stock investment research area.








Attitude, Brand familiarity, Investment decision-making, Investor behaviour, Perceived trust

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