Co- DLSA: Cooperative Delay and Link Stability Aware with Relay Strategy Routing Protocol for Flying Ad-Hoc Network

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A novel ad-hoc network called a flying ad-hoc network (FANET) has recently emerged, in which the flying nodes are referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are operated remotely live from a distance or using some determined approach in perspective of algorithms. Due to their high degree of mobility and flying nature with dynamic topology, the nodes in this network may discontinue their transmission because of transmission loss and unstable links among them. A relay node serves as an intermediary to reduce the distance of the nodes from each other as well as to boost the performance of communication. In this paper, Delay and Link Stability Aware (DLSA) and Cooperative Delay and Link Stability Aware (Co-DLSA) have been proposed as relay strategy routing schemes. Co-DLSA is an extension of the DLSA routing scheme in which the relay strategy has been introduced for cooperative routing with fair-relay-strategy (FRS) and red-black (RB) routing tree to increase the performance of the network. The main focus is to minimize the delay while minimizing transmission loss and lowering the network stability count in terms of discontinuous nodes. Through the simulation results, it has been concluded that the proposed routing protocol performs efficiently in terms of network lifetime, network delay, network packet drops, network throughput, and transmission loss compared to the existing routing protocols in this network. The average results of the simulations recorded a network stability for Co-DLSA of 18, average transmission loss was recorded as 67.72, average network delay was recorded as 23.28, average network throughput was recorded as 95.85, and network packet drop was recorded as 20.85, showing outstanding performance in comparison with all other routing protocols.





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Computer Sciences


Co-DLSA, Cooperative Routing, DLSA, FANET, Relay Strategy, UAV

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