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Android and Windows are the predominant operating systems used in mobile environment and personal computers and it is expected that their use will rise during the next decade. Malware is one of the main threats faced by these platforms as well as Internet of Things (IoT) environment and the web. With time, these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and detecting them using traditional machine learning techniques is a hard task. Several research studies have shown that deep learning methods achieve better accuracy comparatively and can learn to efficiently detect and classify new malware samples. In this paper, we present a systematic literature review of the recent studies that focused on intrusion and malware detection and their classification in various environments using deep learning techniques. We searched five well-known digital libraries and collected a total of 107 papers that were published in scholarly journals or preprints. We carefully read the selected literature and critically analyze it to find out which types of threats and what platform the researchers are targeting and how accurately the deep learning-based systems can detect new security threats. This survey will have a positive impact on the learning capabilities of beginners who are interested in starting their research in the area of malware detection using deep learning methods. From the detailed critical analysis, it is identified that CNN, LSTM, DBN, and autoencoders are the most frequently used deep learning methods that have effectively been used in various application scenarios.




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