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Plants are the primary source of food for world’s population. Diseases in plants can cause yield loss, which can be mitigated by continual monitoring. Monitoring plant diseases manually is difficult and prone to errors. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) for the early identification of plant illnesses can prevent the negative consequences of diseases at the very beginning and overcome the limitations of continuous manual monitoring. The research focuses on the development of an automatic system capable of performing the segmentation of leaf lesions and the detection of disease without requiring human intervention. To get lesion region segmentation, we propose a context-aware 3D Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model based on CANet architecture that considers the ambiguity of plant lesion placement in the plant leaf image subregions. A Deep CNN is employed to recognize the subtype of leaf lesion using the segmented lesion area. Finally, the plant’s survival is predicted using a hybrid method combining CNN and Linear Regression. To evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of our proposed plant disease detection scheme and survival prediction, we utilized the Plant Village Benchmark Dataset, which is composed of several photos of plant leaves affected by a certain disease. Using the DICE and IoU matrices, the segmentation model performance for plant leaf lesion segmentation is evaluated. The proposed lesion segmentation model achieved an average accuracy of 92% with an IoU of 90%. In comparison, the lesion subtype recognition model achieves accuracies of 91.11%, 93.01 and 99.04 for pepper, potato and tomato plants. The higher accuracy of the proposed model indicates that it can be utilized for real-time disease detection in unmanned aerial vehicles and offline to offer crop health updates and reduce the risk of low yield.




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plant lesion, disease detection, CANet CNN, classification and DICE coefficient, machine learning

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