Critical Analysis of Palliative Homecare Using the i∗ Framework's Strategic and Social Requirements Modelling Applied to a Cancer Care Organisation

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Conference Proceeding

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2022 International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT)

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Home Health Care (HHC) is an essential and critical part of palliative care and especially for terminal cancer patients. This research is aimed as a first attempt to align with the research gap in modelling the social requirements of palliative care processes and the HHC process in particular. Consequently, this research is a first attempt at developing an $\mathbf{i}^{\ast}$ framework visual goal-oriented and social requirements models of the HHC process of the domain of palliative care with a reflected application using a case study from a leading regional cancer centre in the Middle East, namely KHCC. Furthermore, this research has made it possible for palliative care domain experts in the HHC process and using the associated $\mathbf{i}^{\ast}$ framework strategic dependency and strategic rationale models to visually trace the most critical and strategic actors in the HHC process along with the highly interacting dependers and dependees. Finally, the HHC $\mathbf{i}^{\ast}$ strategic models contribute to bridging the gap between the world of palliative care requirements and their reflective computer-based information systems and $\mathbf{IoT}$ smart devices. Hence, this sheds light towards the realisation of the field of palliative care as being a “systems of systems” virtual organisation with the respective socio-technical systems involvement, for the best care of the palliative patient and especially terminal cancer patients. A further corollary of this research is the insufficiency and less representativeness of palliative care process models to utilise in guiding the development of the HHC $\mathbf{i}^{\ast}$ framework strategic models without linking to the full associated strategic and policy documents of palliative care.







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Medicine and Health Sciences


Visualization, Sociotechnical systems, Analytical models, Computational modeling, Risk management, Smart devices, Information technology

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