Chapter 10 Carbonation of calcium carbide residue

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Sustainable Utilization of Carbon Dioxide in Waste Management

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In this chapter, the background information about the manufacturing of calcium carbide, sources of calcium carbide residue (CCR), chemical and mineralogical properties of CCR, current as well as potential utilization of CCR, current disposal practices, and the different treatment techniques for carbon sequestration and production of viable products for various industrial applications were discussed. The utilization aspects varied from the construction industry to civil works, waste management industry, and future horizons, whereby the production of high value-added products is emphasized through some examples. A newly developed natural carbonation process was discussed. The MGF has many advantages such as (a) the process is fit the recent environmental applications; (b) the ability to optimize the required reaction time; (c) eliminating the need for additional thermal and mineralogical experiments required to determine carbon sequestration efficiency and ensure sustainable use of CO2 during the application process. Indirect carbonation techniques for producing pure calcium carbonate and other valuable products such as xonotlite and calcium formate were discussed. The system-based design approach, where the process is augmented with techniques to prevent aggregation during the carbonation process, such as the jet flow system, and the chemical-based approach, where chemical reagents were used to leach specific metal ions, were evaluated. Finally, the production of CaO-based sorbents using calcium carbide residue (CCR) was discussed. The Ca-looping process was debated and the factors that impact the thermal stability of the produced synthetic sorbents. Modification processes such as hydration treatment, thermal pretreatment, material modification, and incorporation of inert support materials were evaluated with specific examples such as briquette, foaming, copyrolysis, and carbon templating.





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Environmental Engineering | Environmental Sciences


Acetylene gas, Briquetting, Carbon templating, Co-pyrolysis, Foaming, Hydration treatment, Jet flow system, Nano-calcium carbonates, Precipitated calcium carbonates, Thermal pretreatment, Xonotlite

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