Penetration Testing for IoT Security: The Case Study of a Wireless IP Security CAM

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2023 IEEE 2nd International Conference on AI in Cybersecurity, ICAIC 2023

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As the trend to use the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and devices increases, security and privacy have become key concerns. IoT application adoption has increased significantly over time, with sensitive data frequently gathered by IoT devices, accidentally or consciously. According to recent research, numerous types of IoT devices have substantial vulnerabilities, and in many cases, no security procedures are in place to secure them. The focus of this study was the security issues of Internet protocol (IP) cameras. The vulnerabilities of IP cameras were investigated in more depth, as well as their influence on security and privacy at the user level, in order to assist companies and security experts in predicting attacker behavior and securing the systems. The objective of this study was to research and uncover the security and privacy vulnerabilities associated with an IP camera. This was accomplished by performing a direct inspection of the camera. A real-world test was carried out with a VAVA Outdoor Wireless IP Security Cam, which was employed as a home security camera. Information was gathered from numerous sources on the Internet for this purpose, and then the software and hardware were used to examine the security features of this device. The findings of this study revealed that the IP camera contains security faults and vulnerabilities that put user safety at risk.






Computer Sciences


IoT, Penetration testing, Vulnerability

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