Assessing the effectiveness of an outcome-based information systems curriculum

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This paper proposes a method for assessing the effectiveness of an outcome-based Information Systems (IS) Curriculum. Two sets of learning outcomes are identified to provide focus to an IS curriculum: the college major learning outcomes, which form the basis of the curriculum and serve as a focus for curricular design and improvement and the University learning outcomes, which are higher-level outcomes. Master course syllabi are developed for all courses in the curriculum and posted on the University Intranet and on Blackboard®. All master course syllabi include the course contributions to specific learning outcomes. Instructors use the master syllabus to design course content and develop learning experiences that are used to address particular learning outcomes. Students develop an electronic portfolio that includes samples of their most important learning experiences which may be projects, term papers, extracurricular experiences, as well as capstone and internship reports. The electronic portfolio is regularly reviewed and assessed by faculty members to monitor student progress and assess their achievement of various learning outcomes. A course-outcome matrix is developed for program assessment. The matrix includes a list of all IS courses, their learning outcomes and the expected achievement levels for these outcomes. At the end of a semester, all courses are analyzed for their effectiveness in covering various learning outcomes. The results of this analysis are used to identify courses that seem weak in covering particular outcomes. This exercise allows the IS College to study the effectiveness of individual courses and the program overall in achieving the college and University learning outcomes. It is anticipated that using a measurement tool such as the course outcome matrix may enable academic institutions monitor and improve information systems programs. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2007.


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Information systems, Intranets, Learning systems, Electronic portfolio, Learning outcomes, Curricula

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