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The application of Blockchain and augmented technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data platforms present a feasible approach for resolving the implementation challenges of trusted, decentralized platforms. This article proposes a DevOps framework for the specification of Blockchain use‐cases that enables evaluation, replication, and benchmarking. Specifically, it could be applied to specify the requirements and design characteristics of Blockchain applications in terms of key attributes such as: (i) transparency; (ii) traceability; (iii) tamper‐resistance; (iv) immutability; and (v) compliance. The article first introduces the design characteristics of Blockchain as a Platform and then examines successful use‐cases for its implementation using the above attributes. It may be conjectured that the 3TIC framework would serve as the basis of a cross industry process for Blockchain. The intended contribution is that such a standard process will support industry‐academia collaboration in the development of Blockchain platforms and services of relevance and utility as it can be applied by firms to structure their requirements and design specifications. As Blockchain technology moves from nascent to emergence, it is opportune to discuss standards in the context of use‐cases. This article provides some arguments for why and how requirements and design specifications could be standardised.




Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


Computer Sciences


Blockchain, Augmented Technologies, DevOps Framework, Implementation Challenges, Trusted Decentralized Platforms

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