The Benefits of Considering Gender in Economic Development

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Sujata Ganguly
Elena Nikolova, Zayed University

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Book Chapter

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Centering Gender in the Era of Digital and Green Transition

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This chapter argues that gender equality and economic development are tightly intertwined and that gender aspects should be an essential consideration for economic development. This chapter starts by developing a conceptual framework, explaining how gender equality and economic development influence each other. This framework focuses particularly on the interactions between sustainable development goal (SDG) 5 (gender equality), SDG 3 (good health and wellbeing), and SDG 4 (quality education). We then apply this framework to consider how gender inequality affects economic development in terms of employment and social protection, as well as unpaid work and the care economy. The authors go on to discuss how we can bridge the gap between the green economy and gender inequality, and how the post-COVID-19 recovery period can provide a window of opportunity to initiate a development model that encompasses gender inclusiveness and the green economy. This chapter concludes with recommendations for gender-sensitive programs and policies that can be used by governments to fast-track economic development and growth and to build inclusive and resilient societies.


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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Green Economy, Gender Equality, Economic Development, Employment, Social Protection, Unpaid Work, Care Economy, COVID-19

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