Tastes of Socotra in New Media: What do we know About Socotri from Looking at Their (Digital) Plate?

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Danica Čigoja Piper, Zayed University

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A Social View of Socotra Island

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By looking at the attitude towards food, heating related habits and food products that are in use, we can learn important information about the identity of a person or group of people. The purpose of this research is examining the role of new media in the representation of Socotra identity through media representation of Socotra food. In the case of Socotra Island, most of the people from all over the world are getting familiar with the identity of Socotri only throughout the Internet. A lot of travel stories, scientific insights and blogs are written about this specific island. In those stories, food has important place. To understand the role of new media in the representation of a certain identity through the gastronomic prism in this research, we examine the most present media frames related to Socotra’s gastronomy. The frames are studied through content analysis of chosen new media contents (video, photo, text).


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